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February 12, 2012

More mill pictures

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Web site is being recovered after a crash. Here are pictures that used to be here. This is an ingot buggy that I created from scratch with metal wheels and McHenry couplers. It tracks reasonably straight and rarely sees actual service. It looks just fine in photographs.


This is a detail of the undercarriage of the ingot buggy. Not pretty, but it is functional.


Outside of rolling mill:


A 1960’s type shot of the small diesel that switches cars at the mill.



This shot is complied completely of color prints. The roll up door, the image itself were all printed from PhotoShop and glued to the side of the rolling mill in an area that I though needed an additional detail.


Another shot of the look inside of the rolling mill. The JIW logo was created by Adam Peszel on Rick Rowland’s steel board. That can be found at: You will have to sign up for the site, although the resource is an excellent one.


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