Joppa Iron Works A Fracture in History

November 22, 2012

Rejuvination in another size!

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Not forsaking HO altogether here, but I am adding another railroad in On30. You will see it come together here.

Thinking of tying everything together. Joppa Iron Works is named after an actual colonial iron works that disbanded in the mid 1800’s. It’s my “what if” in the same general locale basing the story on having the iron works graduate to a steel mill with no finishing capabilities.

On30 may be a good chance for me to back date my story a little without destroying the HO efforts. Iron foundries need a lot of wood, limestone and iron ore. This may give me a chance to have a background railroad.

Since photography is also a hobby, the On30 models are far more photogenic than HO just due to size alone and the focal plane of the camera. They do tend to make you be more detail oriented, but that is part of the fun!

Glass Plate Photo Look…

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This is the look that I will be striving for in On30 when it happens. This is an update of an older post…

I’ve always liked old glass plate photos. Here are a few samples that I have done from PhotoShop. I’ll post my process of doing this on another page:


The crew at Joppa Iron Works had to create their own slag cars back in the day. This one was photographed outside of the rolling mill.

In town, Habersack’s Cafe has served thirsty customers since the early 1900’s and has a family heritage. The owner had a business relationship with GBS Brewery (which was close by) while many others were outlets for Monumental Beer.


Another old gondola on the grounds of the mill.


These pictures in PhotoShop require a base paper image. You can search for these on a site like Flickr if you type in “Textures” and search for the ones that are represented by old paper. It is interesting to me online that some people have such a hobby of looking for textures.

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